Dressing for your figure flaws

woman-looking-at-figureVery few women have ideal bodies. We all have certain problem areas or things we’d like to change. Although it’s within your power to make a certain amount of improvement through posture, diet and excercise – that’s a post for another day – there are also ways you can dress to minimize said problem areas that provide a quick fix. Check out these body issues and their solutions.

lemystereBig bust

  • Get over your fear of “big bras” and outsmart your body with a full-coverage minimizer or shaping bra. It will contain, center and lift your girls without adding extra cleavage or a rigid look under your clothes. Check out minimizer and shaping bras by Le Mystere, Wacoal, SPANX and Chantelle.
  • Try wide V-necklines and wrap dresses.

Flat derriere

  • Stick to dresses and skirts that skim over your rear and don’t cling.
  • Try butt-boosting shapewear under your clothes. SPANX Booty-Booster short is like a bra for your derriere!
  • Check old knits and pants you wear a lot for a saggy bottom view and get rid of them.

crocheted_cardiFleshy arms

  • Fake your way to a slightly firmer look with gradual self-tanner.
  • Wear 3/4 length sleeves. For hot weather, try light-weight or crocheted cardis, wraps or shrugs over sleeveless tops and dresses.
  • Wear lots of great bracelets and/or maintain a flawless mani to draw the eye down your arms.

Muscular calves

  • Balance attention by showing off toned arms, too.
  • Wear straight leg jeans, slim pants that don’t cling and knee high boots.
  • Avoid really high heels, which cause calf muscles to tense, increasing the bulge.

Too much tummy

  • Elongate your body with straight shifts, A-lines and empire waist dresses.
  • Wear slim pants with long, layered tops or tunics.
  • Draw the eye to the neckline with a cowl V-neck or an eye-catching necklace.
  • Bodysuits – a leotard with a snap crotch – create the ultimate smoothest line under clothes. Wear them in place of tanks as your first layer under skirts, pants and jeans to flatten and camoflage.

Heavy hips and thighs

  • Accent a proportionally smaller waist with a pretty belt.
  • Wear A-line dresses and skirts instead of tapered or pencil skirts.
  • Wear light or bright colors on top, darker or more subdued colors on the bottom.



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