Which 2015-16 winter colors work for me?

Hello, my pretties! Have you seen the beautiful Pantone colors for winter 2015-16? Have you lain awake at night wondering which of these ten beauties to add to your wardrobe, based on your color profile? Yes? Then, read on.


fall_winter_2015_2016_color_trends_Dried_Herb_khakiDried Herb

Dried Herb is a muted olive green hue that evokes nature and has military overtones. It is a sophisticated and chic color, yet earthy and grounded, perfectly organic and reminds us of healthy activities. This color is best for Deep Warms and Soft Warms.

fall_winter_2015_2016_color_trends_Desert_Sage_greenish_grayDesert Sage

Green and grey combine to create a very cool and soothing color known as Desert Sage. It is the perfect neutral color, timeless and unobtrusive. It’s often hard for Lights to find flattering cold weather clothes, since fashion designers tend to go deep and rich for fall/winter, but here’s an exception! This color is best for Light CoolsCool Softs, and Soft Cools. This is one of those very subtle colors than can shift to being good for Light Warms and Warm Softs with the addition of slightly more yellow green, so check any clothing items in different types of light, if possible, before buying to make sure it works for you.

fall_winter_2015_2016_color_trends_Stormy_Weather_grayStormy Weather

The Stormy Weather hue is like an overcast day, gray and cool. It is the perfect color for the professional who enjoys her position as CEO and needs to have her wardrobe reflect her inner strength, that immovable willpower that will ensure every obstacle will be overcome. As mentioned in an earlier post, it’s a less severe alternative to black. This color is perfect for Deep Cools, Cool Clears, Cool Softs and Clear Cools.

fall_winter_2015_2016_color_trends_Oak_Buff_mellowOak Buff

The Oak Buff color is as mellow and comforting as one can imagine. It’s a rather warm, golden shade that inspires positive emotions. Adding it to your winter wardrobe is a great way to warm up cold, dreary days. Y’all probably don’t even need me to tell you this is totally a color for Warm Clears and Warm Softs. Deep Warms and Soft Warms will look great in it, too. You cool gals of any stripe need to avoid this one.


The Marsala wine hue was named the Pantone color of the year 2015, inspiring a whole range of outfits by many a designer through the fall/winter collections. While it is earthy, it also has a flare for drama, rich and full-bodied, a red-brown color that brings warmth to any piece it is used on. The combination of Marsala and black is actually quite interesting, giving just enough of a contrast while still keeping to the darker tones. This shade is best for Deep Warms, Warm Softs and Soft Warms.

fall_winter_2015_2016_color_trends_Biscay_Bay_tealBiscay Bay

Lush and elegant, the teal hue of Biscay Bay makes quite a splash. It is a beautiful cool touch against the warmer tones often associated with fall and winter pieces. Think tropical waters and deep oceans. This is one for the cool gals, being perfectly suited for Deep Cools. It also looks great on Cool Clears, Cool Softs and Clear Cools.

fall_winter_2015_2016_color_trends_Reflecting_Pond_navy_blueReflecting Pond

First, you have to love the name of this color. The darker blues of the Reflecting Pond are very much in during the fall/winter 2015-16. A clear pond with dark blue waters puts us into a contemplative mood, thoughtful and composed, still in meditation. It is a cool color, without any doubt to it, offering intrigue and chic sophistication. Again, this is first and foremost a color for Deep Cools. Cool Clears and Clear Cools will also want to take a dip.

fall_winter_2015_2016_color_trends_Cadmium_OrangeCadmium Orange

Cadmium Orange is a color that offers a sense of optimism, a rather laid-back desire to see the sun shine and knowing that it will be smiling right back at us. It is a playful color, while still maintaining an air of sophistication, appealing to the masses and certainly gentle on the eyes. It is a warm color that’s a little more muted than sunshine yellow or pure orange. Like Oak Buff, this is another one for the Warms. It’s ideal for Warm Softs and Warm Clears. It can also look great on Soft Warms.

fall_winter_2015_2016_color_trends_Cashmere_Rose_pinkCashmere Rose

Here’s another lovely, descriptive name for a color. Cashmere Rose is a soft pink color that is rich in vision and quite chic in itself. It appears to belong in a posh neighborhood, far away from the noise and pollution that a place like downtown New York or London would offer. It is of the earth, reminiscent of velvety rose petals, but holds a touch of the divine to it, depicting a woman with a persuasive nature who is always calm and composed. Attention Light Cool and Light Warm ladies: this is another one for you and the rest of us are very jealous, although Warm Clears, Cool Softs and Clear Warms can wear it well, too. Like Desert Sage, this is a color that can shift from cool to warm with just a tad more yellow.

fall_winter_2015_2016_color_trends_Amethyst_OrchidAmethyst Orchid

The jewel of the crown is what the Pantone color report calls it, and a jewel color it certain is. Amethyst Orchid takes both a precious jewel and a flower, combining them to create a lovely hue. It is an intriguing color, one which evokes a certain sense of calm along with its sensuality. It is a languid hue, one which holds a lot of mystery, but is bold and unusual enough to make a statement. This is probably the most difficult color to assign to the color profiles. It’s definitely cool, but is also somewhat muted if you look at the Pantone color chip at the top of this post. Our lovely Cool Softs or Soft Cools will probably wear it best as those colorings embody both cool and soft/muted qualities. The brighter interpretation seen on the middle model (photo above right) would work well for Cool Clears or a Clear Cools.


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