20 Lifestyle Secrets for Looking Young from Carol Tuttle

anti-agingA blog post on anti-aging from Carol Tuttle of Dressing Your Truth popped up in my Facebook feed. Carol has a lot of wisdom to impart and I found her tips to be so spot on, I wanted to share a condensed version with you. Try a few of these suggestions and see if they don’t make a difference for you!

1. Learn your Energy Type and LIVE it.

This is at the heart of living an anti-aging lifestyle. You will age more quickly in your appearance when you are not living in alignment with your true energy. This misalignment of your true self creates energetic stress that will age you on all levels—mentally, emotionally and physically.

2. Start Dressing Your Truth.

The fashion industry tends to age you faster than anything by masking your true beauty with clothes, accessories, makeup and hairstyles that do not honor your Type of beauty. When you dress true to your Type of beauty, it will take years off of you! Or, even more accurately, it helps you look amazing at the age you actually are.

3. Heal your emotional issues (And lose the emotional weight!).

There is no anti-aging procedure that can make up for emotional pain and repressed emotions. Our emotional wounds show in our faces and bodies. Even if your mind can attempt to repress and ignore it, your body cannot and that energy has an aging effect.

4. Change the way you think.

Do you still think in terms of lack and struggle and not enough? Or have you started to create a habit of an affirmative mind? Train you mind to be my ally in creating an amazing, prosperous life.

5. Clean up your diet.

Everything you eat either ages you or prevents aging. Choose to eat real, whole foods. Get rid of sugar and white flour. Drink more green smoothies. This is not new information and the payoff is BIG when it comes to your health and wellness.

6. Exercise.

Moving your body and working out releases chemicals like endorphins that help us stay young. Just put it in your schedule and do it. Your body will thank you!

7. Get a monthly facial.

Most women consider getting a facial an act of self-pampering. An esthetician can help you perfect your skin. Prevent breakouts, reduce hyper pigmentation and facial lines.

8. Use a healthy sunscreen.

Always protect your face and body with a healthy sunscreen.

9. Supplement wisely.

Take high quality supplements that can support your health.

10. Learn about the many advances with anti-aging treatments and procedures.

There are numerous non-invasive treatments and procedures that help eliminate wrinkles, rebuild collagen, eliminate hyper pigmentation, and more. Invest in a few of the newer non-invasive treatments to restore youth and vitality to your face.

11. Meditate.

Daily meditation helps you focus on your body and will help you flow energy to support it in the practice of regeneration, rather than degeneration.

12. Watch what you say.

Do you declare to yourself that you’re “getting old?” If so, you will create more of that! That declaration will age you almost as fast as the wrong hairstyle! So be kind to yourself and eliminate those words from your vocabulary.

13. Invest in a quality skin care line.

Invest in a quality skin care line and be diligent in your skin care routine.

14. Sleep on your back.

Start sleeping exclusively on your back. This preserves your complexion rather than causing facial lines from sleeping with your face pressed into a pillow.

15. Invest in your smile.

Yellowing teeth is a natural result of aging and consumption of staining foods and beverages. Whiten your teeth to restore a youthful smile. It’s a lot more affordable and easier than it used to be.

16. Play up your eyes.

You can do this with makeup, or you can invest in something more. Eyelash extensions are fairly new on the beauty scene and can dramatically affect your appearance.

17. Consider coloring your hair.

Coloring your hair can help you look younger. However, if you choose to show your natural gray, select a hairstyle that honors your Type of beauty.

18. Get your nails done.

Getting a manicure and pedicure doesn’t have to be just for special occasions. It’ll improve the health of your hands and feet—and it feels great, too!

19. Care for your sexuality.

Unfortunately, it is too common for women to experience feelings of shame that are connected to their sexual energy. This shame will age us! Learn more about your body’s sexual function, your sexual physiology, and how to take ownership of this intimate part of yourself. There are some enlightening books that can teach you how important the female orgasm is to a woman’s overall health and vitality. One book in particular is Vitamin O: Why Orgasms are Vital to a Woman’s Health and Happiness, and How to Have Them Every Time. The author, Dr. Natasha Janina Valdez, teaches that the female orgasm is one of the most powerful anti-aging functions of the female body.

20. Love yourself.

It is vital to believe in yourself, to love who you are, to love your body as it is right now and to believe that your amazing and powerful body wants to be healthy.

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