Bye-bye, Shame! Learn to dress and live your energy type

Hello, my lovelies! Have you ever seen a fabulous outfit on a friend, in a magazine or just on the hanger at your favorite shop and it looks so awesome, but when you buy it and wear it, it just feels wrong? Maybe it feels uncomfortable, too fussy, or just doesn’t seem to suit you somehow. So, it hangs in your closet and you wonder what went wrong. Maybe you feel pressure on the job to dress a certain way, tame your long, curly hair, limit your jewelry. Maybe someone in your life has influenced you to avoid certain styles or colors that felt right to you. If you’ve had any of these experiences, they can be a blow to your self esteem and make you feel ashamed. It’s time to break free and learn to dress and live your energy type.

northrup_videoYou’ll be amazed at how good it feels when your clothing and accessories really reflect the beautiful and unique person you are on the inside. Check out this video where Dr. Christiane Northrup talks about how identifying her Type 1 energy and learning to embrace it has changed her life, then check out the Dress Your Truth page to learn how you can get started learning your type.






What are your thoughts?

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