Dressing for your energy type in the workplace

setLearning to “dress your truth” using your energy type is such a freeing experience. However, some women – especially Type 1s – worry that dressing true to their type might make them appear unprofessional. Thankfully, gone are the days when women had to emulate the way men dress to be taken seriously in the office. You don’t have to wear a stiffly-tailored, pin-striped power suit, unless that’s truly your style. Looking at you, Type 4s. You’ll feel much happier and more comfortable in your own skin dressing true to your type on the job. Interestingly, when we don’t dress true to our type, we create a conflict between how others perceive us by our outward appearance and what’s our true nature, creating false expectations and problems. So, don’t go there. Instead, let’s explore how you can truly express any of the four types in career wear and still look fabulous and totally appropriate.

type1Type 1 – Bright, Animated Woman

As I said, Type 1s are the type that will be most likely to feel they can’t dress authentically on the job. Bright, fun, bubbly – dare I say “girly” – is just not appropriate for the workplace, right? Wrong. Granted, some office dress codes are more strict than others, but you CAN bring in some Type 1 touches, regardless.  Color is key. Look for an accent piece in a bright, sunny color – a hot pink pair of ankle pants, a jacket in lemon yellow. Not feeling brave? Try the color in a smaller dose: shoes, purse, belt or scarf. Look for fun patterns, especially polka dots. See my Type 1 Professional Pinterest board for more ideas.



type2Type 2 – Soft, Subtle Woman

The next type most likely to think they can’t dress authentically are the soft, feminine Type 2s. In a working world that’s still male dominated, dressing soft and feminine seems counterproductive, but it’s what feels most natural for Type 2s and can still be professional. For Type 2s, an unstructured, flowing outfit is key. Choose a soft cardigan rather than a structured blazer. Look for flowing fabrics in longer jackets and tunics, skirts and pants. Introduce a touch of Type 2 with soft floral prints on a blouse or scarf or ruffled accents. Try more classic pieces but in unexpected soft colors. Explore my Type 2 Professional Pinterest board for more ideas.



type3Type 3 – Rich, Dynamic Woman

Type 3 women have an easier time dressing their truth on the job than Type 1s and 2s as rich, dynamic styles are generally well received in the working world. The key to developing a look that’s truly Type 3 is rich texture, colors and some exotic touches. As an alternative to the ubiquitous black, Type 3s can try other rich, dark colors like navy, merlot and chocolate. Bring in rich textures with tweed, boucle, raw linen and leather. Add a touch of Type 3 style with an animal print bag, shoes or belt. Bold statement jewelry can turn just about any outfit into a Type 3 look. Check out my Type 3 Professional Pinterest board for inspiration.



type4Type 4 – Bold, Striking Woman

Ah, the lucky Type 4s. Your classic, tailored and dramatic style is what most people have in mind when they think “dress for success.” No matter what type we are, most of us have at least some Type 4 clothing in our closet for job interviews and other important work days. You will have the easiest time finding pieces for your work wardrobe. Tailored suits and jackets, sheath dresses, pencil skirts, menswear trousers and shirts in powerful, basic colors and strong geometrics are your go-to choices. Finish off your outfit with sleek jewelry and classic pumps. See my Type 4 Professional Pinterest board for ideas.











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