Let’s talk spring colors!

It’s January. Where I live, we’ve had seemingly endless gray days of miserable drizzle. What’s a girl to do? Dream about Pantone’s 2017 Spring Fashion Colors! This lovely set of colors will lift your spirits, but which ones are right for YOUR coloring? Read on!


primrose_yellowPrimrose Yellow

Nothing says “spring” like a glowing and vivacious shade of yellow. Aptly named after the beloved perennial, this is a color that captures attention. It’s a very warm, bright shade of yellow and is not for everyone, but Warm Clears and Warm Softs will look lovely and Light Warms may also pull it off. Pair it with complementary Lapis Blue or one of the other warm, bright colors – Greenery, Flame or Pink Yarrow – if you really want to make a statement!


pale_dogwoodPale Dogwood

This peaceful shade dubbed Pale Dogwood is popping up here and there from New York and London to Milan and Paris. This neutral, muted pink will wrap its wearer in pretty innocence and purity, especially when used in monochromatic outfits. This subtle pink is the perfect match for Soft Warms. Light Warms and Clear Warms may also want to give it a try. Looks lovely with soft Hazelnut or Niagara.



Are you looking for the most versatile and all-purpose color on the list of the spring 2017 fashion colors? It is definitely Hazelnut, an earthy neutral coloring. Surprisingly, this color is actually lighter than nature’s hazelnut and is warm and gentle. Most importantly, this is a shade to work like a charm all year round. Again, this is a great color for Soft Warms. Light Warms and Warm Softs will want to add it to their wardrobes, too. Try it with complementary Niagara or equally subtle and nature-inspired Kale.


island_paradiseIsland Paradise

Don’t really feel like bidding adieu to  Fall 2016’s Airy Blue? Replace it with a new addition to the blue family. Island Paradise, a refreshing shade of aqua, calls to mind tropical settings and crystal clear waters. This refreshing blue shade with some green undertones will look stunning on Light Cools, Cool Clears, Cool Softs, Clear Cools and Soft Cools. Deep Cools will enjoy using it in combination with some of their brighter and/or deeper colors. Try wearing it with Greenery (see below).



Next on the list of the spring 2017 color trends is Greenery, a tangy yellow-green, which – according to the Pantone Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report – speaks to our need to explore, experiment and reinvent. Being the color of foliage, this shade assuredly spreads healthy lifestyle around. Light Warms, Deep Warms, Warm Clears and Clear Warms will all love this bright, spunky green! Pair it with Island Paradise (see far right photo) or Primrose Yellow to really pop this spring.



Among the spring colors, flamboyant Flame is ardently crackling. This vibrant hue that’s a cross between red and orange brings about much love, fun and other fervent feelings. Whether you match it with neutral or other bright shades, be prepared to make a splash. As you may have guessed, this color is not for the faint of heart. Deep Warms and Warm Softs are the lucky ones that will look the most stunning in it. Warm Clears and Clear Warms may enjoy pairing it with another color from their palette to reduce it’s impact.

pink_yarrowPink Yarrow

A glance at the spring/summer 2017 fashion month will reveal a wide-scale pink revolution in the fashion circuit. Ranging from amaranth and brink pink to raspberry and ultra-pink, the runway had them all in droves. Yet it was Pink Yarrow along with Pale Dogwood that came out on top to be included in the Pantone’s list of the spring 2017 color trends. If you Cool gals are starting to feel a little left out, this is your color. This popping fuchsia perfect for Deep Cools, Cool Clears and Clear Cools.

niagraNiagara Blue

The first place of the spring 2017 color trends goes to Niagara, a relaxing and soft blue shade, dubbed as medium-grade denim by the Pantone experts. Versatile enough to be matched with nigh every shade, this comfortable blue is quite potent to take us somewhere near the Niagara Falls to stare at that sublime scenery and listen to that relaxing water sound. Soft Cools and Cool Softs will wear this subtle shade best. Light Cools will also want to give it a go.


Here is another green shade illustrative of nature and healthy lifestyle. This army shade, ideal for any outerwear piece, can be effectively rocked both in spring and fall. Next to the vibrant and neutral shades on the list, Kale can assuredly serve as the strong background. This subtle green somewhat spans the gap between warm and cool, so Soft Warms and Soft Cools may both enjoy wearing it – especially when paired with another color from their palettes. Likewise, both Warm Softs and Cool Softs can wear it.

lapis_blueLapis Blue

If the usual classic navy blue that seems to crop up every spring is not your cup of tea, yet you are aching for a strong and confident blue, Lapis Blue is what you are looking for. Being the natural shade of the stone lapis lazuli, this glowing blue shade makes another gorgeous spring 2017 color trend. It’s the perfect color for Deep Cools, Cool Clears and Clear Cools.


What are your thoughts?

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