2017 fashion trends to try

We all know how easy it is to get in a comfortable fashion rut. The start of a new year and/or new season is a great motivator for trying something new and freshening up your wardrobe.

2017_fashion_crazyWe also know when the fashion world comes out with trends for the new year and trots out their latest creations, the bulk of it is just not practical for the average woman – especially one that lives in Arkansas where we tend to be a little behind the curve anyway. Be not dismayed my lovelies. I have scoured the tips and trends and have discarded the cray-cray (embellished Crocs, bras worn as tops, tops with a single shoulder cut out). Here are some trends for 2017 that are entirely doable. Pick one or two to try and let me know how you get on.

stripes_02Earn your stripes
Stripes are the equivalent to what a white t-shirt used to be back in the day,” says Roopal Patel, fashion director of Saks Fifth Avenue. “They have nine lives. We’ve seen the trend now for two to three seasons and it will continue to carry forward.” Stripes work for us when they have the right direction. If you are on the thinner side, go for horizontal stripes. If you desire a slimmer look, vertical stripes are your best friends. Apple shape? Create the illusion of a waist nip with dark stripes around your middle. Pear shapes, try horizontal stripes on top and a dark bottom to balance your body shape.


pink_02Think pink
There are two pinks in the 2017 palette – Pink Yarrow and Pale Dogwood – but an entire spectrum of pinks will be seen this year. From subtle to bright, warm to cool, there’s a pink that works for everyone, regardless of your color type. If dressing entirely in pink is a bit much for you, try a pink top, pants or skirt, balanced with other colors.




statement_tee_01Make a statement
Although most of us will have to reserve this one for off-the-clock time, literary and political statement tees will be seen everywhere. Fun and funky or politically rebellious, you can express yourself without saying a word.




dress_over_pantsDress up your pants
If you love the tunic over leggings look, but felt it was a little too revealing at times, you’ll love this new trend of wearing a dress over slim pants. It’s basically a longer tunic over a pair of more forgiving, relaxed (and more comfortable) leggings. The dress-over-pants look disguises love handles and short legs. When worn in the same color, this look is elongating, draws the eye up and gives the illusion of being taller and slimmer.





What are your thoughts?

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