Show your makeup who’s boss with Z Palettes

eyeshadow_looseOkay, I’m going to share a little pet peeve of mine. It seems like whenever you buy eyeshadow in collections of more than one or two colors, you always end up with at least one color you love and use so much, you quickly run out of it and one color you absolutely hate or will rarely use. I have a Lancome palette of four colors. One color is almost gone, two I use frequently and one I’ve never touched. (Who puts a tomato red color on their eyes?) This is SO frustrating. And I hate to pay for a color I don’t need and probably will never use.

I figured the way to get around this problem was to find a company that made customizable palettes where you could purchase the colors you want individually and change them out as needed. A great idea, right? You would think a bunch of makeup manufacturers would jump on this idea. Unfortunately, there aren’t many who offer the option and it seems that those who do like to either 1) change the design or size of the palette so that none of your existing eyeshadows fit – ahem, Mary Kay – or 2) quit carrying the palette and interchangeable colors just about the time you fall in love and feel like you can’t live without them – ahem, Avon/mark.

zpalette_inuse001What’s a girl to do? Let me introduce you to Z Palettes. These are magnetic, totally customizable palettes that come in different sizes and colors. Even better: they can hold any of your existing eyeshadow colors – and other pan-based makeup. Any brand of cosmetics can be “de-potted,” or removed from its original case and placed in a Z Palette so there’s no need to limit yourself to a specific brand. Any makeup in a metal pan will pop right into the Z Palette. If your makeup is in a plastic pan, Z Palette offers magnetic stickers that will hold those plastic numbers in place, too. Can you say “game changer?”

WARNING: De-potting is addicting and will change the way you think about makeup forever. Whether you’re popping eye shadows out of their useless plastic pots, or scooping the last bits of your favorite lipstick out of the tube and into empty metal pans, de-potting is the answer to every beauty lover’s makeup woes. There are even videos that show you how to de-pot all of your favorite brands.

Z Palette empowers beauty lovers to transform bulky makeup bags and messy bathroom countertops into customized, organized and simplified works of art. It’s truly a beauty breakthrough.


What are your thoughts?

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