One size does NOT fit all

MarksSPencer_diversity11“One size fits all.” Who even came up with such an absurd idea for a clothing size? It’s an impossibility. Women come in a variety of sizes, shapes and heights. There’s no way a garment in one size is going to fit everyone. I’ve noticed recently, clothing manufacturers have wised up a bit and are changing to “one size fits most.” Still a bit of a stretch, but not a total impossibility. In the same way, personal style and color is not “one size fits all.”

I’ve started following some fashion bloggers and I have to admit I’m a little disappointed. I’ve noticed a lot of these style gurus’ posts consist of photos of themselves sporting a new outfit – with the clothing likely donated by some company hoping for marketing exposure. They go into great detail about the outfit, how the pieces work together, how they look so good on THEM. Of course, they supply a handy link so you can go buy the same stuff, because sales through their blog equal more freebies for them.

And I’m thinking, wow, that outfit does look nice on you, but my body shape is different than yours. Or you’re a warm-toned blonde and I’m a cool-toned brunette. Or your style is edgy and funky and mine is soft and romantic. What makes you think this is the perfect outfit for me? Because it’s not. I guess you can argue that a person should find one of these bloggers that is similar in size, coloring and style and follow only them, but still… If you’re going to blog about fashion and style, do you not want your followers to become the best version of themselves, not an inferior reproduction of you?

what-makes-you-different-makes-you-beautiful-quote-3Real talk

I don’t make any money on my blog. I don’t have any corporate sponsors. I’m not here to sell you stuff. Bud to Blossom Beauty is just me sharing knowledge I’ve gained over the years on how to find YOUR style, YOUR best colors, makeup techniques that suit YOUR facial features, and how to dress to flatter YOUR size and shape, whatever it may be. You won’t see photos of me modeling a cute new outfit, because what looks good on me may not work for you. I want you to learn how to be your most beautiful and confident, to accentuate your best features and to feel awesome in your own skin. I hope the information on my site helps you do just that.

What are your thoughts?

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