Get ready for spring colors!

It’s been a weird winter in Arkansas with only one little snowfall and weird temperature fluctuations from 20s to 70s and back. We’re currently having some grey, wet and dreary days, so let’s cheer ourselves up by enjoying the Spring 2018 fashion colors from Pantone! Whether you’re looking for bright and fun or soft and lovely, there’s something here for everyone.


Bold and lively, Meadowlark is a confident and outgoing bright yellow shade that glistens with joy and illuminates the world around us. This is the perfect color for Light Warms and Light Cools. Warm Clears will also look good in it. Pair it with its complement, Ultra Violet for some pop.


cherry_tomatoCherry Tomato
Impulsive Cherry Tomato is a tempestuous, bright orangey-red that exudes heat and energy. Demanding attention, this courageous, never to be ignored, shade is viscerally alive. This is a color that incites strong emotion and is the color for brave Deep Warms and Warm Softs. Not enough sizzle for ya? Pair it with Lime Punch, if you dare.



little_boy_blueLittle Boy Blue
With the expectation of the clear blue sky, Little Boy Blue is no longer for little boys only. Suggestive of expansiveness and continuity, this azure blue shade reassures us with its promise of a new day. Our first cool color on the spring palette, this color works well for Light Cools, Cool Clears and Clear Cools.


chili_oilChili Oil
I have to admit, this is an unexpected color choice for spring, but unexpected keeps things exciting, right? Seasoned yet season-less, Chili Oil is an earthy brown based red that adds flavorful definition to the spring 2018 palette. If cherry tomato is too bold for you, consider this more muted warm red. Deep Warms and Warm Softs will wear it best, but Soft Warms may also give it a go.


blooming_dahliaBlooming Dahlia
Let’s hear it for soft and subtle! With its seemingly suggestive scent, the subtly alluring Blooming Dahlia beckons us with its understated appeal. Pair it with the complementary Little Boy Blue for a heavenly combination. This beautiful peachy color is perfect for Light Warms, Warm Clears and Soft Warms.


pink_lavenderPink Lavender
Can’t decide between pink or purple as your favorite color? Pink Lavender is the best of both and is a soft and romantic violet rose that charms with its soothing sense of quiescence. Light Cools will love this color. Cool Clears and Clear Cools can wear it, too.



Here’s a fun color for spring. Hinting at retro yet at the same time modern, Arcadia is a cooler, cleaner take on green that with its tinge of blue undertone takes us into a new direction for the spring 2018 season. The blue cast makes it the right choice for Deep Cools, Cool Clears and Clear Cools.


ultra_violetUltra Violet
Purple lovers unite! Conveying originality and ingenuity, the magical Ultra Violet is a distinctive and complex purple shade that fascinates and intrigues. This vivid shade is also for the cool ladies: Deep Cools, Cool Clears and Clear Cools.


almost_mauveAlmost Mauve
With its gentle petal like touch, delicate and ephemeral Almost Mauve adds a sense of nostalgia to the spring 2018 palette. This barely there color is for the soft and subtle ladies: Light Warms and Soft Warms.



Here’s another color I wouldn’t have expected for spring. The rich chocolate-infused brown Emperador adds strength and substance to the spring 2018 palette. Perhaps you already have some cool weather pieces in this color that can be repurposed for spring. It’s the perfect color for Deep Warms, Warm Softs and Soft Warms.


spring_crocusSpring Crocus
Witty and expressive, Spring Crocus is a flamboyant and tantalizing fuchsia shade that summons you in with its beguiling charm. This lovely shade that reminds you of spring blossoms will look stunning on Cool Clears, Clear Cools and Soft Cools.



lime_punchLime Punch
If Meadowlark and Cherry Tomato aren’t hot enough for you, check out Lime Punch. Sharp and pungent, Lime Punch hits a chord with its strident and striking citrus-like presence in the spring 2018 color palette. To be honest, this can be a tough color to pull off and may be best used in small doses as an accent. Warm Clears and Light Warms will probably have the best luck with it.

What are your thoughts?

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