Spring fashion trends for the real world

SS18_trendsEvery fall and spring, the big name designers trot out their new creations and let all of us mere mortals know what’s going to be in style for the coming months. Now, I know I can’t be the only one that looks at some (most?) of these outfits on the runway and thinks, “No way I would ever wear that.”

I think we can all get behind the idea of breathing a little fresh air into our wardrobes and updating with some key pieces. We just need to identify some basic trends and bring them down to earth so they’re wearable for the average woman, right? So, here are my picks for spring 2018.

Pastels are a common theme for warmer weather. As pretty as an ice cream cone, spring wardrobes can expect to be bursting with pale hues from yellow, to purple, green to pink. Although head to toe pastels work best for Light Warms and Light Cools, we can all work some pastel accent pieces into our outfits.



As a Type 2, sheer layers are a personal favorite of mine for the softness and romance they convey. Expect to see an array of tulle, plastic and silk translucent designs for spring. Floaty, see-through layers are perfect for warmer days.



Dayglo Disco
Okay, who doesn’t like to add a little sparkle and shine on occasion? You’ll see a lot of satin, metallics, sequins and dayglo colors reminiscent of the ’80s (for those of you who can remember that far back). If head to toe sparkles or neons are too much for you, try just adding an unexpected accent of a purse, shoes, belt or scarf.

What are your thoughts?

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