Summer glow

summer-beautySummer is officially here and it’s time to get your glow on! Sunny days and a slower pace – along with heat and humidity – demand a few changes to your usual beauty routine.

Lighten up your foundation

Look for a BB cream that can even out your complexion and cover redness while making it look (and feel) like you’re not wearing makeup. And make sure you choose one with sunscreen to protect your skin and avoid premature aging.

Use a moisturizer or peel that contains exfoliating acids at night

You probably already know about the importance of exfoliation in summer months when oil can build up and clog pores, but did you know that you should be doing it only at night? Scrubbing off a layer of skin in the morning makes you more susceptible to sun damage during the day. Try a lactic or glycolic acid peel once a week, or use a moisturizer like SkinCeuticals Renew Overnight, which contains alpha hydroxy acid to gently exfoliate.

Switch to a daily body lotion with SPF

If you’re going outside in a skirt or tank top or both this summer, your arms and legs need protection. Choose a daily body lotion that has SPF. Give yourself a healthy summer glow with a product that also provides gradual self tanning like Jergens Natural Glow + Protect.

Invoke a summer mood with your fragrance

When the thermometer hits 90, you want the fragrance equivalent of your favorite summer cocktail—light, crisp, and refreshing—because heavier notes can be overpowering. Look for fruity or light floral notes. Invoke an island vibe with tropical flowers, fruits or coconut.


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