Fall in love with the 2018-19 palette

2018_19_colorsIt’s the time of year when we’re putting away the light, airy summer clothes and are bringing out the cozy, warm fall and winter outfits. And that means it’s time check out the latest collection of fashion colors!

The global psyche is increasingly all about inclusivity, so why not for fall colors, too?

That kind of all-are-welcome approach is central to Pantone’s Fashion Color Trend Fall 2018 Report. They have culled a Top 10 list that plays up seasonless shades, including a few that are far from wintry. Designers and consumers are veering away from cyclical trends in favor of more self-expressive, nontraditional choices.

Let’s explore and see which ones will work for you. Don’t know your best colors? Learn how to find them here.

Red Pear

Red pear is a deliciously deep red, whose luscious depth entices. It brings to mind succulent apples and berries of the fall harvest. Reds can be either warm or cool; this one is definitely on the warm side. The darker of two red offerings in the fall palette, this color is perfect for Deep Warms. Warm Softs and Soft Warms will also love it.

Valiant Poppy

As its name indicates, valiant poppy is a brave and outgoing red shade, effusive in its allure. If you chose to use some of the deeper tones as accessories or surrounding pieces with this red, it will be a real attention-getter. This lighter and brighter red leans to the cool side and is best worn by Deep Cools and Cool Clears. Light Cools and Clear Cools can also wear it.

Nebulas Blue

Reminiscent of twilight, nebulas blue is a thoughtful, starry-eyed blue. Not as deep as a navy blue with more brightness, this shade shows that consumers have a love affair with blue that never seems to go away. This is a great choice for all the cool ladies: Deep Cools, Cool Clears and Clear Cools. Light Cools, Cool Softs and Soft Cools may want to wear it more sparingly with other colors in their palettes.

Ceylon Yellow

This spicy yellow with an exotic touch is always going to be fabulously sophisticated, when used with any of the other leading fall colors. If you’re feeling adventurous, pair it with Ultra Violet or Crocus Petal as a really creative statement. This is definitely a color for the warm-toned ladies: Warm Soft, Soft Warm, Warm Clear and Light Warm. Deep Warms will want to pair it with a darker color from their palette.

Martini Olive

Smooth, sophisticated and urbane, this green adds depth to the Fall/Winter 2018 palette. This kind of a green really has a great grounding influence on so many other colors. It can be a fascinating color when you combine it with other colors in the palette whether it be the nebulas blue, the valiant poppy or the russet orange. This is the ideal color for Deep Warms, but can also be worn well by Soft Warms and Warm Softs.

Russet Orange

This forest floor orange speaks to earthen warmth. While not unexpected in an autumn palette, it’s more about what you’re using with it that will make the difference. Pair it with nebulas blue as its complement or use it with crocus petal as a very creative option. Perfect for those whose primary characteristic is warm: Warm Softs and Warm Clears. Soft Warms may also wear it paired with a more subdued color from their palette.

Ultra Violet

Inventive and imaginative, ultra violet lights the way for what is yet to come. Purple is associated with artists and performers. It’s a color of complexity and we live in complex times. This vivid color will work well for Deep Cools, Cool Clears and Clear Cools.

Crocus Petal

A cultivated and refined hue adds an interestingly contradictory light and airy spring-like feeling to this fall palette. Lavender, like pink, can be a great color next to a woman’s skin. Ladies whose primary characteristic is light will wear this delicate shade best: Light Cools and Light Warms. Cool Softs and Soft Cools will also love it.


Animated and effervescent, a pungent yellow-green becomes the center of attention. Snowboarders, skiers and winter sports fans have helped to spur its popularity by choosing sunglasses with lenses in this color. It’s just one of those colors people have fun with, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Clear Warms and Warm Clears are the best candidates.

Quetzal Green

This deep, elegant blue-green hue is named after the peacock-like bird known for its vibrant plumage. It’s hard to make a mistake with blue greens because they are so versatile and they look so good with so many other colors. This color is best suited to Deep Cools, Clear Cools and Cool Clears, but Soft Cools and Light Cools may also try it paired with a softer or lighter color from their palette.

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