Let’s talk brows

I’ll admit it: I’m a little obsessed with brows. Yes, I know I’m arriving late on the scene, but I have an excuse. I always hated my eyebrows. They were always too. Too dark. Too bushy. I preferred to do what was necessary to control them, nothing more. I didn’t want them to be a focal point. With that mindset, it’s taken a long time for me to realize the truth of the principle that the right brow shape and style really can frame your eyes and complete your perfect look.

As is typical of my personality type (INFJ, if anyone’s interested), I’ve gone from ignoring brow grooming as much as possible to wanting to learn everything I can about it and, of course, learn what works best for my style and coloring. If there’s one trend that’s been taking the beauty world by storm the past several years, it’s brow grooming. The trend even earned it’s own hashtag #instagrambrows. The Instagram brow is an over-dramatized fade where the brow is significantly lighter in the front then gets deeper in color as you move toward the end. This super-defined, dramatic look may not appeal to you. If so, don’t despair. There are many different brow trends and techniques to explore thanks to YouTube beauty bloggers.

The basics
With so many videos to check out, where should you start? I’d suggest learning how to perfect the basic brow shape, especially if your brows are unruly, unshapely, over plucked or sparse. There are some general guidelines to determine where the brow should start, where it should stop and where the highest point of the arch should be located. This is a great video to teach you the brow basics for a gorgeous, natural brow. If your brows are over plucked or sparse, check out this video.

The best brow for your face shape
Now, let’s talk about the most flattering brow shape for YOU. You should choose a brow shape that compliments the shape of your face. Check out this video from one of my favorite beauty bloggers for tips. Here’s another video showing brows for heart-shaped, oval and square faces.

Introducing the fluffy brow
If high drama, hard-edged brows aren’t your thing, consider the fluffy brow or boy brow. This is a softer, more natural look that I was introduced to by a girl I follow on YouTube for great weight training workouts (oddly enough). I was a bit skeptical at first and you may be too, but give it a try and see what you think. The look really appeals to me and I think the reason why has to do with the design principles of repetition and movement. The fluffy brow involves combing your brow hairs up. This might look a little odd until you fill in sparse areas with a brow pencil, but once those hairs are in place, you’ve got a repetition of your lash line, which really opens up the area, and you’ve got upward flowing lines that also give a lift to the eye and brow area. Learn more about achieving a fluffy brow here and here. And check this out for some truly amazing fluffy brow artistry.

What are your thoughts?

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