One size does NOT fit all

“One size fits all.” Who even came up with such an absurd idea for a clothing size? It’s an impossibility. Women come in a variety of sizes, shapes and heights. There’s no way a garment in one size is going to fit everyone. I’ve noticed recently, clothing manufacturers have wised up a bit and are […]

Bring out the cozy fall colors

For those of you who have been dreaming of crisp fall days and colorful leaves, Pantone has released their 2017-18 Fall and Winter fashion color palette. Look for these popular colors when shopping for pieces to update your wardrobe. I’ll walk you through them and we’ll see which colors will work for you, depending on […]

Your most important beauty tool

What do you think is your most important beauty tool – the one you can’t live without? Did you think “makeup mirror?” I’m betting you didn’t. But think about it: isn’t a good quality mirror with the right magnification and the right lighting critical to makeup application? Think about the last time you traveled and […]