clear_katyAre you a clear? Do you have:

  • Dark hair?
  • Bright eyes that are your most striking feature, be they blue, green or topaz? If you are dark-skinned, there will be noticeable contrast between the white of your eyes and the color of the iris.
  • Dark eyebrows and eyelashes?
  • Skin that can be any tone from light to dark?

clear_rihanna Your look is

Fresh and clear

The undertone of your skin may be warm or cool

Your overall look is contrasting between light and dark

You have a decidedly clear look

How to wear your colors

Because your look is contrasting, you need to wear your colors in a way that balances this. You will always look good in a contrast of light and dark colors. If you wear more muted colors like taupe and pewter, liven them up with the brightest shades from your palette. If you dress in a single color, make sure it is one of the most vivid from your palette.

The clear cool and clear warm color palettes

Now that you know you are a clear, check your skintone to see if you are a clear cool or a clear warm to view your custom colors.


What are your thoughts?

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