cool_jenniferAre you a cool? Do you have:

  • Ash tones to your hair, be it dark brown, blonde, white or grey?
  • Grey, blue, green or clear brown eyes?
  • Eyebrows and eyelashes that range in color from the lighter shade of blonde to dark brown?
  • Pink undertones to your skin? A black or colored skin may have a slight blue tinge.

cool_blackYour look is

Cool and pinkish

The undertone of your skin is cool

The overall depth of your coloring may be medium to deep

The clarity of your look may be either clear or soft

How to wear your colors

Because your overall look is cool and pinkish, all your colors need to have a cool, blue undertone, preferably with some contrast. You will always look best in medium to deep colors. If you wear brown, balance it with cool shades from your palette, such as teal or rose pink.


The cool clear and cool soft color palettes

Now that you know you are a cool, are your skin, hair and eyes lighter shades? If so, you are a cool soft. If your skin, hair and eyes are deeper colors, you are a cool clear.



What are your thoughts?

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