dress your vertical proportions

When choosing clothes, you must consider your vertical proportions. You’re looking at the relationship of the length of your torso and the length of your legs, as well as the position of your waist. Once you better understand your body proportions, you’ll be able to dress to adjust imbalances and create the illusion of perfect proportions if you don’t have them.

proportionsFind your proportions

You’ll use your hands to measure your torso. Stand in front of a mirror and place one hand with the lower edge of your palm at your natural waistline. Then place your other hand above it. If you can easily place two hands between your bust and waistline – maybe with some room left over, you’re low-waisted or long torso. You likely have short legs in comparison. If you struggle to get the second hand placed above the first, you’re high-waisted or short torso and likely have long legs.

The lucky ones

If you find the space from your waist to your bust is about one and a half hand widths, you have balanced or perfect proportions. Like those with the neat hourglass figure, this is considered the ideal. Your body and legs are proportionally balanced and you’re free to wear whatever styles you like, in keeping with your body shape guidelines.

The not-so-lucky ones

If you’re low-waisted or high-waisted, don’t despair. You can make smart choices that can visually create more perfect proportions, so read on!

Low-waisted tips >

High-waisted tips >


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