dress your truth

Please don’t put me in a uniform

I had a college roommate who was the wholesome, outdoorsy type. I loved looking at her L.L. Bean catalogs, but I never felt compelled to buy anything. For some reason, I couldn’t get excited about solid-colored polo shirts and oxfords. I hated wearing plain, basic styles. I hated geometric prints – particularly stripes. Any job that came with the requirement of wearing a uniform made me miserable. On the other hand, I was drawn to natural prints, florals, soft fabrics and ruffles. I loved interesting details and embellishments. I had no idea why.

Enter Dressing Your Truth

On this journey of determining my personal style, I ran across Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth, a comprehensive fashion system that turns long-standing fashion myths on their heads and empowers women of every age, shape, and size with tools to look and feel amazingly beautiful every single day. She divides women into four types of beauty and offers a free BEAUTY PROFILING℠ Course to help you determine which one – or combo of two – fit you. I love stuff like this. This quick course provides information to assess and advise you about your specific energetic movement, personality characteristics and facial features. Meet the four types:


A couple of caveats

Like the old four season Color Me Beautiful system, it does have some limitations. Most women will feel they aren’t a single type, but a combination of two types, although you most likely will have a dominant type. It also seemed to me that Dressing Your Truth corresponds color-wise with the old four seasons system with Type 1 preferring Spring colors, Type 2 preferring Summer colors, Type 3 preferring Fall colors and Type 4 preferring Winter colors. This is too limiting. After going through the course, I determined I was a dominant type 2; however, with my strong coloring, I don’t usually look good in the soft, subdued colors of the Summer palette. Yikes. Not one to be easily discouraged, I set out to prove I could combine DYT Type 2 style with my Deep Cool coloring and set up a Pinterest board. So, I highly recommend exploring this system to learn more about yourself and the style that will fit you. Just add this knowledge to the other things you’re learning about yourself and make it your own!




What are your thoughts?

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