full hourglass

full_hourglass_beyonceLucky you! You have the most feminine body shape with full curves in all the right places. By choosing clothes that are fluid and shaped, you will be able to accentuate your curves, rather than cover them up.

Your golden rules

  • It’s important that you wear clothes that follow your body line as opposed to those that constrict you.
  • Choose fabrics carefully. Avoid heavy or stiff materials or you’ll end up with tops and jackets that are two to three sizes bigger than you need just to accommodate your curves.

Your clothing lines

  • Jackets should be shaped, with shawl collars or concealed front openings.
  • Tops that are shaped, crossovers or wraps in soft fabrics.
  • Skirts can be flip, bias or full, and adjustable at the waist.
  • Pants should be flat-fronted with side zip.
  • Dresses should be shaped, wrap or bias-cut shifts.
  • Coats should be shawl collar, single-breasted or shaped.
  • Underwiring or support is essential for swimwear. Avoid stripes and detailing at the bust and hips.

What to avoid

  • Straight skirts, except in soft fabrics with some stretch
  • Boxy, double-breasted jackets
  • Straight tunics
  • Front-opening shirts and blouses
  • Baggy sweaters and sportswear
  • Too much layering
  • Crisp fabrics
  • Stripes and checks

What are your thoughts?

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