lean column

Actress Cameron Diaz Lucky you! You’ve got the figure of a catwalk model. Your challenge is to create an illusion of curves, so go for designs with shape and detail that emphasize your bust, hips and bottom and define your waist.

Your golden rules

  • Highlight your hips and bottom.
  • Enhance your bust with details.
  • Your clothing line needs to be straight with emphasis on the waist.
  • Use texture and layering.

Your clothing lines

  • Jackets should be fitted with an emphasized waist. Use details and pockets.
  • Tops should have details, patterns, textures and layers.
  • Skirts should be A-line, panelled, gored or pleated.
  • Pants should be shaped, pleated and pocketed.
  • Dresses should be princess line with curved darts and details.
  • Coats should be Martingale, shaped.
  • Swimsuits tops can be padded. Use patterned two pieces to emphasize bust and hips. Vertical chevron lines on a one-piece will give the illusion of shape.

What to avoid

  • Full frills and flounces
  • Large, gathered skirts
  • Belted jackets and coats
  • Bulky, heavy textures
  • Close-fitting, figure-hugging garments

What are your thoughts?

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