New year, new you

ralph-marston-stock-do-today-improve-tomorrow-6t1xAh, the new year is upon us and it’s time to review the old year and think about changes we’d like to make to better ourselves. Although losing weight and stopping smoking are two of the most common New Year’s resolutions, I hope you’ll take some time to think about how you can improve and refresh your unique beauty and style.

It may seem superficial, but we know that our appearance impacts our personal, social and professional lives. We also know that how we feel influences how we look and vice versa — a phenomena called beauty self-esteem. Although we’d like to believe “what is inside counts most,” scientific evidence, as well as common sense, tells us that an appealing appearance positively impacts our lives.

Here are five beauty and style resolutions for 2017.

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Lash envy

2_thick-eyelashesLike all things fashion, makeup looks come and go. It’s easy to get stuck in a makeup application rut. Many women tend to stick with the colors, products and application techniques they used when they were young and had more time – and perhaps interest? – to devote to makeup. However, it’s important to regularly update your look so you stay in fashion and don’t age yourself.

A current trend is toward insanely long and thick lashes, accompanied by dark and dramatic eyeliner. One of the best ways to amp up your lashes is with the application of false eye lashes or lash extensions. If you’re a fan and regular user of falsies or extensions, you go, girl. For those of us who are too cheap for extensions, too lazy to mess with false eye lashes and/or are too freaked out by using an adhesive right next to sensitive eyes, these tips are for you.

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Dressing for your energy type in the workplace

setLearning to “dress your truth” using your energy type is such a freeing experience. However, some women – especially Type 1s – worry that dressing true to their type might make them appear unprofessional. Thankfully, gone are the days when women had to emulate the way men dress to be taken seriously in the office. You don’t have to wear a stiffly-tailored, pin-striped power suit, unless that’s truly your style. Looking at you, Type 4s. You’ll feel much happier and more comfortable in your own skin dressing true to your type on the job. Interestingly, when we don’t dress true to our type, we create a conflict between how others perceive us by our outward appearance and what’s our true nature, creating false expectations and problems. So, don’t go there. Instead, let’s explore how you can truly express any of the four types in career wear and still look fabulous and totally appropriate.

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Big, bouncy hair!

dominiqueSome of you have asked me what I’ve been doing differently with my hair lately and how have I created such a full, bouncy style. I’ve also had some comments along the lines of, “You have such thick hair. Mine could never look like that.” Au contraire, my friend. Allow me to introduce you to my latest girl crush and celebrity vlogger, Dominique Sache. As I’ve written in an earlier blog entry, YouTube is an amazing source of beauty tutorials on any subject you can dream up –  the latest makeup technique, the best hairstyle products to achieve specific effects, styling tips for different looks with different cuts – you name it.

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