Finding your secondary energy type

dyt_four_typesIf you’ve been through the Dress Your Truth section of my beauty and style blog, you’ve hopefully been excited about how knowing your type helps you find your perfect style and you’ve determined what your primary energy type is. (If you’re still unsure, let’s talk; I’ll be glad to help!) But did you know that most of us also have a secondary energy type?

Maybe you read Carol’s book or watched the videos and found you identify with two different types. Perhaps you had a hard time deciding on your energy type because more than one appealed to you. We all have a primary or dominant energy type, but most of us also have a secondary or lesser energy type that enriches and refines our personal style.

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Show your makeup who’s boss with Z Palettes

eyeshadow_looseOkay, I’m going to share a little pet peeve of mine. It seems like whenever you buy eyeshadow in collections of more than one or two colors, you always end up with at least one color you love and use so much, you quickly run out of it and one color you absolutely hate or will rarely use. I have a Lancome palette of four colors. One color is almost gone, two I use frequently and one I’ve never touched. (Who puts a tomato red color on their eyes?) This is SO frustrating. And I hate to pay for a color I don’t need and probably will never use.

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2017 fashion trends to try

We all know how easy it is to get in a comfortable fashion rut. The start of a new year and/or new season is a great motivator for trying something new and freshening up your wardrobe.

2017_fashion_crazyWe also know when the fashion world comes out with trends for the new year and trots out their latest creations, the bulk of it is just not practical for the average woman – especially one that lives in Arkansas where we tend to be a little behind the curve anyway. Be not dismayed my lovelies. I have scoured the tips and trends and have discarded the cray-cray (embellished Crocs, bras worn as tops, tops with a single shoulder cut out). Here are some trends for 2017 that are entirely doable. Pick one or two to try and let me know how you get on.

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New year, new you

ralph-marston-stock-do-today-improve-tomorrow-6t1xAh, the new year is upon us and it’s time to review the old year and think about changes we’d like to make to better ourselves. Although losing weight and stopping smoking are two of the most common New Year’s resolutions, I hope you’ll take some time to think about how you can improve and refresh your unique beauty and style.

It may seem superficial, but we know that our appearance impacts our personal, social and professional lives. We also know that how we feel influences how we look and vice versa — a phenomena called beauty self-esteem. Although we’d like to believe “what is inside counts most,” scientific evidence, as well as common sense, tells us that an appealing appearance positively impacts our lives.

Here are five beauty and style resolutions for 2017.

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