rectangle_rosarioLucky you! With your shoulders, waist and hips all proportionate and balanced, it’s much easier to find dresses and swimsuits. Your main aim is to soften your figure a little and give the illusion of more curves.

Your golden rules

  • Use details on your hips and bottom to create shape.
  • Avoid details at the waist, such as noticeable waistbands or belts.
  • Keep your clothing line straight.
  • Go for an uncluttered look.

Your clothing lines

  • Jackets should be structured and shaped.
  • Tops should have simple, clean lines.
  • Skirts should be crossover, straight, box pleats or panelled.
  • Pants can be any style.
  • Dresses should be simple, straight lines or shifts.
  • Coats should have staight lines with some emphasis at the waist.
  • A one-piece swimsuit with a central panel in a darker shade creates the illusion of a slimmer shape, as do square necklines. Avoid high-waisted bikini bottoms.

What to avoid

  • Frills and flounces
  • Gathered waistlines
  • Soft, floppy and fluffy fabrics
  • Bias cuts
  • Belted jackets and coats

What are your thoughts?

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