Oprah Winfrey Lucky you! You’ve got great legs. Your problem area is your torso, so whenever possible, use accessories to draw the eye to the area above your bust or below your hips. Your aim is to give the impression of a slightly longer body.

Your golden rules

  • Make sure your clothes hang from your shoulders.
  • Clothing lines need to be straight and fabric soft to avoid any unnecessary volume or bulkiness.
  • Accessorize, accessorize, accesorize.

Your clothing lines

  • Jackets should be cardigan style, collarless, shawl collar or have a V-shaped neckline.
  • Tops should have simple lines without a lot of detail.
  • Skirts should be wrap, flip or panelled.
  • Pants can be drawstring or no waistband.
  • Dresses should be A-line, trapeze or swing style.
  • Coats should be A-line or cardigan style.
  • Swimsuits can be tankinis that cover the waist and aren’t too figure-hugging. Cover up with pretty sarongs. Shoulder details or interesting straps draw the eye up.

What to avoid

  • Stiff fabrics
  • Bulky pockets
  • Gathered waist lines or other details over the tummy area
  • Sharp, angular details
  • Horizontal strips or dramatic patterns over the torso

What are your thoughts?

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