I have never had the talent, ability or confidence to create an enhancing and coordinated style for myself. I do not know how to coordinate colors, clothing, accessories, make-up and hair.  Friends and family tell me, considerately, what they do or do not like about my outfit, accessories, my hair, and/or my colors. But, they are not able to tell my why, give an example or offer a solution to a problem. I searched the Internet and could not find help there. I found bits and pieces of information from many different websites, but I could not put the different pieces together to come up with an accentuating and appropriate style for my figure, personality, and skin and hair color.  I have always felt uncomfortable, awkward, and poorly dressed which has created low self-esteem. However, the Bud to Blossom Beauty website has given me hope!  This website brings all the different parts that are needed for a stylish appearance into one place and shows you how to make it all work together for a complete and confident style.

When I scheduled my consultation with Angela – the creator of Bud to Blossom Beauty – I was excited and hopeful. I cautioned myself not to get my hopes up too high; I did not want another one-time makeover for one feel-good moment. I have had the Mary Kay makeovers and the super-star makeover for a one time photo shoot with Glamour Shots. After I washed my made-over face the experience was over and forgotten. What good did putting make up on my face do for me when I was not given tools, resources or an understanding of how to apply the beauty of my made-up face to the rest of my body and appearance?  I needed someone to honestly see me as I am now and teach me how to work with the body and person I am now.  Angela’s consultation was comfortable, fun, and exciting; she addressed me as I am now and did not talk in “ifs” such as if I lose weight, if I change my hair color and style, etc.  Angela showed me my potential; and gave me the tools to bring the pieces together so I am happy with my appearance, and accepting and confident of who I am. She showed me through her eyes of talent and education how to bring, colors, styles, textures, and energy together.

I was pleased with how she presented information to me; she listened to me and we conversed. I felt excited to leave and do more exploring into the Bud to Blossom website and the resources she had mentioned. Angela really saved the best for last and blew me away when she showed me the private Pinterest board she had created specifically for me! When she opened my board I had to swallow hard and blink quickly to keep from crying with absolute joy! My first thought was, “This is it!  This is what I have searched the Internet for, asked dozen of friends over many years for, had dozens of disappointing makeovers for and here it is, the advice, examples, explanations, and help specifically for me!” My Pinterest board is incredible with examples of actual people like me, examples and explanations of do’s and don’ts.  Angela actually addressed my body type and size, she showed me styles that would highlight my prettiest features and draw attention away from the areas I don’t like, she showed me colors to enhance my skin tone and hair color, too.  As if that wasn’t already enough, she went even further and added a lot of examples with  images of outfits, colors, styles of shoes, make-up, and jewelry specifically for me.

I will not be transformed into my style overnight and it will take practice and conscious thinking about what I buy and wear; however, I now have knowledge and tools to use to reach my style goal and a new level of confidence. I have my Pinterest board, Angela’s Bud to Blossom Beauty website, and a couple of other resources Angela introduced me to.  I am so grateful I met Angela and scheduled that consultation!

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