warm_emmaAre you a warm? Do you have:

  • Red-toned hair in any shade from strawberry blonde to auburn?
  • Green, brown or blue eyes?
  • Eyebrows in a warm tone from reddish to brown?
  • Reddish or blonde eyelashes?
  • Porcelain skin, possibly with an abundance of freckles, or darker-toned skin with a golden glow to it?

warm_queen_latifahYour look is

Warm and golden

The undertone of your skin is warm

Your overall look is medium in depth

The clarity of your look may be either clear or soft

How to wear your colors

Because your overall look is warm, the golden rule is to balance it by choosing colors that have a warm or yellow undertone. You will always look better in colors that are medium in depth, rather than light or deep. When wearing navy or grey, warm them up with tones of yellow, salmon or peach.

The warm clear and warm soft color palettes

Now that you know you are a warm, are your hair and eyes lighter shades? If so, you are a warm clear. If your hair and eyes are deeper colors, you are a warm soft.




What are your thoughts?

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