ageless beauty

ageless_beautyYoung women have many advantages when it comes to beauty and style, yet we all know older women who seem to grow more beautiful and confident with the years.  Think Helen Mirren, Angela Bassett or Ann Curry. What’s their secret? There are many ways to get an ageless beauty, but I believe they fall into three categories.

Healthy lifestyle

It may not sound sexy, but two of the biggest keys to maintaining youthful beauty are eating a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise. The right diet will result in glowing skin, shiny hair and strong nails. If this is a problem area, for you, you probably already know it. Time to do something about it. Cleaning up your diet will also normalize your weight and can nip certain health problems in the bud. Learn more >

As we get older our metabolism slows. Without regular exercise, we lose muscle and gain fat every year after about age 30. It’s not uncommon to lose half a pound of muscle and gain a pound of fat per year. Not only does this contribute to frailty when we get older, losing muscle ALSO lowers our metabolism. Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, so the higher your percentage of muscle, the better your metabolism. A blend of cardio, strength training and flexibility is what you need to keep your body young and fit. Learn more >

Changing your beauty routine

As we age, our skin changes and our skin care routines and makeup need to change to accommodate. We find ourselves less concerned with oil control and blemishes and more concerned with fine lines, dull, dry skin and sun damage. We may find our foundation collecting in those fine lines and our favorite highly frosted eye shadows no longer make our eyes look alluring. The right formulas, the right tools and the right application techniques can make all the difference. If your make up routine hasn’t changed much since you first started wearing it, it’s time for a change. Learn more >

Evolving style

Our bodies also change as we age. Although some of the undesired effects can be limited by a regular exercise program, the fact remains many of the fashions we wore when we were younger are no longer flattering. What’s age appropriate? What’s too revealing? What’s too youthful? No one wants to look like she’s trying too hard. Although finding your best colors and dressing for your body shape are still important, there are many ways to update your wardrobe to stay “young and hip,” without looking inappropriate. Learn more >

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